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Landscape Architect Design Process

Step 1: Contact Accent Design

Contact Accent Design to schedule an initial meeting at your home with you and a member of our staff. There is no cost or obligation for this initial meeting. Contact Us

Step 2: Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting our focus will be to determine your needs and if our company's services are the best option for you. If there are better options for your particular needs, we will assist you in providing our ideas and names of other contractors as required.

Client input is essential to producing a customized design; so if there are features in a neighbor's yard that you enjoy, jot them down. Another way to give us your ideas is to cut clippings from magazines and ads to show us your favorite plants, hardscape elements, (walkways, retaining walls, water gardens, etc). Please provide to us any items you feel would help with your design.

Step 3: Design Proposal

After our initial meeting we will send you a design proposal and a design questionnaire for you to fill out. The proposal will be based on the owner providing a plot plan or survey of the property for us to use as a base for your design. If you choose to accept this proposal, you will be asked to sign one copy and return it, along with a deposit check, completed questionnaire and plot plan. When we receive the above material, we will give you a return call to advise you of a proposed schedule

Step 4: Site Visit

This is where we will take any measurements, photos and site observations of your home. You may choose to be present for the site visit, but it is not required. From this information we will produce the base map for the following steps in the design process.

Step 5: Conceptual Plan

In this step we produce and deliver your conceptual design to you. This design is a starting point to begin the design interaction. The main focus of this phase is to develop the basic layout of the design and to include all the desired features. After you have had a chance to look over the design we will answer any questions or concerns that you may have and gather the information to be incorporated into the next phase.

Step 6: Preliminary Master Plan

In this step we include any changes from the conceptual stage and specify individual plant varieties as well as exact hardscape materials. As in step 3, after you have had a chance to look over your design we will address any questions or concerns. With your feedback on this plan we will prepare the following phase in the design process.

Step 7: Master Plan

You will be presented with the master plan that includes all revisions from the previous phases. At this stage we will produce irrigation or lighting designs, if needed. Also we will discuss the proper sequence of installation and provide you with a list of sub-contractors if requested, to assist in the installation of your design.
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